The Truth About JT Foxx

Official JT Foxx response to Rumors, Lies, Conspiracies & Haters

The higher you climb up the tree, the more you are exposed. I understand that I am a polarizing figure in the same way as Donald Trump, Simon Cowell, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Piers Morgan and even Steve Jobs (watch the movie and you will see). One thing all of these men and myself have in common is that, whether you like them or not, they tell it how it is. People who don't like brut honesty or disagree with their extreme harsh assessments tend to attack these types of honest individuals. I have always said whoever is trying to bring you down is below you, and there is a reason why all of these men including myself are very successful. Therefore, I have decided to write this portion of my website/blog to put all the rumors, lies, conspiracies and false allegations against me to bed. These are my official answers.

Is my legal name JT Foxx?

Well, according to my passport and driver's license, it is. For those conspiracy theorists who think I changed my name because I committed some sort of unknown crime and am trying to cover my tracks with a name change, sorry to disappoint you. You actually can't change your name in Canada or the United States if you commit any kind of crime. Furthermore, most Hollywood stars change their names and no one seems to care. My real legal name is JT Foxx and I have attached the proof. Who cares if people change their names? They all have their reasons whether it is personal or business related. Regardless, it is their choice. When you watch a movie, do they say Tom Cruise... formally known as..... Thomas Cruise Mapother IV? People can be so foolish.

What makes you the World's #1 Wealth Coach?

To begin, I do business and/or speak in 40 plus countries. I have clients in 52 countries and command some of the highest coaching fees in the world. In addition, I regularly speak to large crowds, who introduce me as the world's #1 wealth coach. The media I have been featured in, from CNBC, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and GQ, have all said or written that I am the world's #1 wealth coach. Finally, Tony Robbins is considered the world's #1 peak performance coach. At his events, our pictures are side by side, both with the title #1. Below are some photos I've included so you can see for yourself. If that's not enough, I have hundreds and hundreds of other photos that prove just what I'm saying. But most importantly, ask my clients as the results ultimately do the talking.

Do you own over 50 companies and brands?

Some of the pundits (many whom barely own one company or have never actually achieved success), will say "I did a google search and I could not find all the companies you own". My answer is, "of course". I live in America and people tend to sue people for no reason, especially people who are successful. As a result, I have an extremely complicated global asset protection strategy to keep those people who sue for no reason away. Only my attorneys can really explain in detail for it to make sense to anyone.

Rule #1 of wealth building...never share with anyone everything you own. Now some people may respond with, "Well Trump and Branson share everything they own". Let me just say that this is not true. I know both of these gentlemen. Branson owns over 300 plus companies, but the majority of them are licensing deals that give him monthly residual checks. Same goes for Trump. Many of his deals are licensing deals, and there are only two hotels he really owns; 5th avenue in New York and Trump Chicago. What you don't know, is that Branson and Trump own many other companies and have shares in many companies that are not disclosed and not under their own brand. I have a lot of insider knowledge on the topic since Donald Trump's former right hand of 47 years, who was also his attorney and Celebrity Apprentice judge, retired from working for him and is now my right hand man. He has been my coach now for 7 years, therefore I have extreme insider knowledge on some high-net -worth individuals and how they handle their assets and affairs. Take a look at what George Ross has to say about me...these are the types of people who support and endorse me.

The only people that really want to know about everything I own do so strictly for the purpose of taking me down so they can say "SEE, he doesn't own anything!" If I did reveal every company I own, you would probably think it would appease the non-believers, right? Well, that's not the case. Instead, they would continue to ask more questions. "What percent of the company do you own?" If I revealed that, which is the majority of most companies, they would move on and ask me if these companies are making any money. And of course, the answer is yes. However, no answer will satisfy them until they can finally say "gotcha!" because that is exactly what they are looking for. These people are not seeking the truth; they are looking to put an egg on my face. This one time, I was launching a new product. Someone went online and said that the product was a scam and not good at all. The problem is that the program hadn't even been launched yet!!! In the end, the sole purpose of some of these people is that they want to discredit me so that others will not buy my products, investments, or services. Unfortunately, they are jealous and envious of my success and try to do everything they can to shoot me down.

Although I will not reveal the names of the companies I own, I will tell you that my companies and brands are all included in events, coaching, real estate investments, short term lending, technology, suits, ties, diamonds, gold, 3D technology, premium payments, Apps, publishing, clubs, sports apparel, branded clothing, online products, health products, online video streaming service, consulting, and the list goes on. Why would I put myself on the website as president of the app I purchased or of a health products company? It doesn't make any sense. I am not a public company; therefore I don't have to disclose my net-worth of the companies I own.

There was actually a pundit last week going around saying that he researched me and found out that I do not own my personal residence. Yes, that is true. It is owned by a land trust company. He made a big deal how he was finally the one who uncovered that I was a scam. By the way, who do you think is the beneficiary of the land trust? You can research that but let me make it easy for you...guess who it is... :-)

Someone else wrote to one my partners that they did a background check on me and found that I own no companies at all except for my events one. However, that doesn't make sense because if you ask any attorney, they will inform you that a background check doesn't reveal anything of that sort. In fact, it's almost impossible to research what people own unless they put everything in their own name. Very few entrepreneurs put all of their companies on a website for everyone to see, and if there is anything on their website, it's because they want you to see it or because it has some marketing purpose. I hope that answers the questions. You may very well be using a company that I own and have no clue it's mine, which is the way I like it.

Does JT Foxx pay for celebrities to come to his events?

Of course I pay for celebrities to come to my events. No one works for free and neither do I. The difference is that, unlike most instances where the celebrities come and go, never to be seen or spoken to again after the fact, I build a lasting relationship with them. We constantly communicate by phone, text or in person. This leads to a relationship and friendship, and many of them end up coming to my events again or even come to my house. The reason we become friends is because I don't pester them or ask them for anything. Charities pay for celebrities to come to their events don't they? Companies pay for celebrities to come to their corporate functions so they can brand themselves. They have to pay them to be spokespeople for their brand and no one ever says anything about that. I've had celebrities say amazing things about me, and people automatically assume I paid them; whether it was Trump, Schwarzenegger, Woz or any of my celebrity contacts. The truth is, I don't pay them to say nice things. They say it because they respect me and our friendship. So how is it that the world's most successful people are around me, know me, and endorse me, while those with small negative minds seek to attack my credentials when they themselves have not achieved anything?

Also, do you ever notice that those who attack one's reputation never leave their names or real name? In my experience, those who write negative reviews are your competitors pretending to be a client. They write these bad reviews in hopes of people googling you and deciding not to do business with you. Disgruntled customers or former employees may also want to attack your reputation, but in any case, most online reviews are carefully manufactured and are not real. In my case, you can go to and can see real life stories, documented about the countless lives and businesses I've changed. You can't deny the results I have achieved.

We always put our clients first, although we are not perfect. Even as amazing as a 72% satisfaction rate is (I think it's 100%), the truth is, you can't make 100% of the people happy. If 51% of the people like you, you are president of the United States, which means 49% think you're not up for the job. If you are not happy for whatever reason, or have any problems at all, please email us ASAP and we will solve your issues as quickly as possible. We are great at that

See the real JT Foxx for yourself

If you want to know the real JT Foxx, feel free to watch my entire life story and biography below and see what my coaches, clients, celebrity friends and business partners have to say about me. Now you can get the real story for yourself.

I would like to end with a famous quote of mine. I hope this puts your mind at ease and assures the non-believers now that the truth is out. But it's ok because...

Fake People Have an Image to Maintain, Real People, Just Don't Care

And Remember #StopHating #StartInspiring